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Encompass Auto Insurance

car accidentEncompass Insurance is essentially Allstate. Encompass is simply the marketing and advertising name for a division of Allstate that offers individual property-casualty insurance coverage items by separate agents. Exact same "good fingers" device simply in a new package. Encompass has over 1 million clients in 42 states. In Maryland, there are three various Encompass insurance vendors that position 22nd, 24th, and 26th in market share in Maryland. Include those together, Encompass Insurance on it's own is one of the 10 largest motor insurance organizations in Maryland.

Because speaking about statements from this business is essentially the same as statements against Allstate for reasons of examining just how this insurer treats car accident claim, see our discussion of Allstate claims.

If you've been injured in a car accident in Maryland where in fact the at-fault driver is insured by Encompass or you are filing an uninsured driver claim against Encompass, along with a question regarding your claim, give us a call at 800-553-8082 or get free online consultation for your car wreck situation.

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