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Credit cards That cover rental car insurance

We always use the rental motor insurance that is included as a totally free service of our VISA signature charge card. For us there are certain benefits

  1. It addresses at least just as much and often significantly more than any choices sold through the rent-a-car organization. Within our situation it includes 100percent accidental damage, 100per cent collision, 100% theft and 100percent vandalism coverage with a zero deductible.
  2. It is though a U.S. business which addresses any Costa Rican red-tape for people in case there is an accident or other claim. We simply pay the accident report in addition to credit card business does the rest.
  3. Usually the one time we had to help make a claim (some body ran in to the car although it ended up being parked after that fled the scene) it took a single five minute phone call, cost united states $0.00 and was taken care of in a few days.

We can’t guarantee that it'll become same for everyone because protection is dependent on your card contract and all sorts of the small print therein. We could inform you its well worth checking into.

Inspecting the Vehicle

Essential things to Know About Credit Card Leasing Motor Insurance in Costa Rica

You have to check with your bank card organization while the specific automobile rental company you’re using the services of for coverage details but you can find things that are often real and crucial that you realize about utilizing VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

  1. If you accept or buy any coverage offered because of the leasing automobile organization (CDW, Limited Liability, Comprehensive Coverage, Zero Deductible see this website link insurance coverage description) then all bank card coverage is rendered null and void.
    Here’s the complicated part. The government issued obligation insurance coverage (SLI) doesn't cancel the charge card protection. This is because you may be required for legal reasons to get SLI and though you shell out the dough together with your car it's not sold by the rental car business it it marketed by the government.
  2. Some vehicle rental companies push one to buy their CDW or other insurance coverage. It is not ever before needed by-law however some companies simply won't lease you a vehicle using charge card protection. If you'd like to use your credit card it is important to make use of a different sort of company (Alamo is without question advantageous to us).
  3. Most rent-a-car associates will endeavour difficult to help you to accept their insurance since it is probably the most profitable an element of the contract. It might probably assist to have a statement of the credit card insurance policy on paper.
  4. If harm happens to the automobile the expense of repairs would be recharged to your credit card and you'll only be reimbursed after distributing a successful claim to cardmember services. You are required to supply documents like a copy of a police report.
  5. If you are using charge card coverage (and frequently whenever you don’t) the automobile leasing agency will “authorize” a deposit typically between $1, 000 and $2, 000 on your own credit card to cover prospective damages. You simply will not be recharged that amount unless problems take place but it will certainly reduce your offered credit while using the card for other purchases like resort hotels or restaurants.
  6. Some cards have exclusions especially against guaranteeing Latin American rentals therefore be sure to examine carefully.

Note – in March of 2016 we discovered a brand new clause appearing on some charge card solution agreements limiting coverage to $50k or excluding “specialty vehicles” like pick-up vehicles (used is a convenient choice for browse boards).

This isn’t a challenge most places but in Costa Rica vehicle values tend to be twice and also regular cars might meet or exceed $50k. The Toyota Prado Diesels we typically drive are “valued” at $92, 000 in Costa Rica. Make sure that your protection is enough or you might stuck buying the CDW.

We've never been aware of anybody having any difficulties with credit card protection. It's wise. The credit card business wishes their customers (you and me) becoming delighted. They invest billions of dollars annually getting and maintaining consumers and they’re perhaps not gonna let some automobile rental agency damage that commitment or their track record of taking good care of their customers. The bank card can also be negotiating from a position of energy. If they have the restoration bill just isn't fair they simply don’t pay through to the leasing agency shows it’s legitimate.

Alternatively we notice grievances on a regular basis about claims if the car is covered by the rent-a-car agency’s insurance coverage. Some of the most typical are under.

  • “But I paid $372 when it comes to additional insurance. The reason why do you charge another $879 to my charge card for dent repair?” – the answer is the fact that the additional insurance coverage (CDW, LDW etc.) has a $1, 000 deductible and that means you spend at the start and after that you pay again if vehicle is damaged. If you don’t wish spend the $879 reduction restoration costs you must choose the extra-extra insurance (Zero Liability or full dental coverage plans) above the extra insurance
  • “How could a half-inch scratch are priced at $1, 114 to repair? I’m maybe not investing in that” – sorry, you're spending money on that. There’s almost no an individual may do in order to prove the price of damage repairs has-been filled.
  • “exactly what do you really imply you’re billing me $769 for a cracked windshield? We covered the extra-extra full coverage insurance coverage.” – sorry, the windshield (and often tires) are just covered beneath the extra-extra-extra windshield and tire insurance.

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