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carrentalIf you are like most used car dealers, you've decided that it's time to include various other profit facilities into your company. For just about any business venture to reach your goals, the administration requires just the right understanding to work that company. If you've considered buying a franchise for 1000s of dollars and cannot justify it, this is actually the reason you will need to partner with related automobile leasing Systems. We all know the local rental automobile company! The President and CEO of related Car leasing techniques, Ron E. Widener, had and run a fruitful car leasing company for a long time and wants to share this knowledge and experience to you. Previously we formed a link to train car dealers on the best way to hire their cars. Through association we rent-a-car insurance readily available for our people this is certainly inexpensive.

What-you-may not understand...

Most dealers don't realize that their particular "Lot" insurance coverage excludes renting automobiles. Because the cars you lease tend to be had by you, (while your vehicle is in an accident) you're responsible for a LIABILITY claim against your rental buyer whenever responsible. For this reason you have to carry local rental vehicle Liability insurance coverage. If you should be like most dealers, you need to rent a couple of automobiles. But without a large fleet, most insurance vendors wont protect your vehicles, and most require a working familiarity with the rent-a-car company. That is where the ACR PROGRAM will benefit you by giving working out additionally the know-how to compete profitably. The ACR PROGRAM is a link of rental vehicle businesses that was arranged to train brand new organizations how exactly to start-up and operate a used attention rental business.

Key Advantages

  • The Association provides on location education when required.
  • The Association preserves a training center for team education.
  • The Association provides "COMMUNICATION HELP" for the concerns on day-to-day dilemmas.
  • The Association provides Counter Treatment Manuals.
  • The Association features rental types and computer programs readily available for people.

Furthermore, we recommend Widener & Associates / Dealer Services, as our favored supplier for the leasing car insurance. Their particular policyies tend to be underwritten through A+ insurance company. This system provides you with the flexibility to incorporate and erase vehicles each day as your fleet changes. Quotes can be found upon request. Discover how to start off in rent-a-car...

ACR. Call for details 770-948-1731

ADVANCED DEPOSIT: If you accept the estimate, the insurance company will need a deposit on advanced predicated on 20percent for the yearly premium. The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel the coverage (less any advanced owed). Soon after we obtain your quote from our representative, we're going to inform you of your prices as well as the quantity of your deposit.

ADVANCED PAYMENT: you are billed after each month when it comes to amount of units on your own fleet. The premium is founded on a per product each month foundation. The ACR SYSTEM enables instant adding and deleting of devices as required. The very first payment will take at least 30 to 45 days. You're going to be billed direct from our fleet insurance provider.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP COSTS: As a part of ACR, you have to remit $10 per unit monthly (minimal $50) to ACR as well as the insurance coverage advanced. The fee finances the assistance solutions associated with the ACR PROGRAM.

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