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Image: A Ford ExplorerThe concealed price of purchasing a motor vehicle isn't the cost of fuel if not fuzzy dice, it is what you'll spend in auto insurance, that could vary widely with respect to the form of automobile you decide on.

Indeed, the make and type of the car you buy is factored into the auto insurance rate, regardless if your record is spotless. And much more pricey automobiles never always convert to higher rates.

Ford Explorers were best price regarding car insurance, in accordance with research introduced Thursday by insurance, an unit of Bankrate, which examined 20 of the most preferred kinds of vehicles.

Ford rolled completely this redesigned Explorer just last year. It lists at over $34, 000, nevertheless insurance is a good offer, a new study finds. Justin Solomon / CNBC

The analysis divided the average yearly cost to guarantee each car by its maker's recommended retail price to determine which automobiles tend to be relative deals to guarantee and which carry a remarkably large insurance coverage burden.

SUVs and trucks fared definitely better general, accounting for many of the finest insurance coverage values, while many of the most extremely popular sedans constructed most the worst discounts.

The more expensive SUVs are less likely to want to get damaged in accidents and provide greater security for motorists and people, stated Laura Adams, senior analyst at They also tend to be driven by more responsible grownups (read: old moms and dads), she said.

Because sedans tend to be smaller, they're more susceptible to damage and tend to be typically driven by younger, riskier motorists. These cars will also be some of the most stolen vehicles around — with a dynamic black market for parts — which elements into what motorists need to pay to insure them, Adams stated.

The most notable five worst deals would be the Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla.

Although an Explorer costs nearly twice as much as a Focus, which just costs $18, 045, the main focus is much more costly to insure, the study discovered.

"purchasing a cheaper car does not constantly translate into spending less in insurance coverage, " Adams said. That is why "it's so important to research insurance costs before buying an automobile, " she included. "They may be a significant part of the complete cost of ownership and don't constantly relocate combination utilizing the cost."

To get recommended of exacltly what the car insurance rate will undoubtedly be before buying, ask your insurance professional or agent to perform the numbers, encouraged Jeanne Salvatore, senior vice-president of Insurance Information Institute.

In general, there are a lot of aspects that determine your insurance coverage price, Salvatore stated. The make and type of an automobile will influence your rates only when you have got extensive and collision insurance coverage, each of that are optional, she added. The sort of automobile issues less for standard liability insurance, that will be required in every condition.

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