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How do I Find out my car insurer?

When changing insurers you’ll should offer your new insurer with evidence you’ve built up as numerous years worth of no claims rebate while you state you have – also it’s not necessarily because simple as you might believe.

What exactly is no claims rebate (NCD)?

Also called no-claims bonus (NCB), these discounts tend to be gathered each year – the greater many years you drive without making a claim, the more the reduction in the price of your vehicle insurance coverage.

a word of warning though, both rebate supplied and the optimum number of years’ worth of NCD you are able to accrue varies from insurer to insurer, so know about this when flipping.

Just how long is proof of no-claims good for?

Proof of no-claims is usually only good for two years, meaning if you’re from the road regarding explanation or don’t get very own policy for more than two years, you’ll return to zero NCD the next time you take on cover.

Getting evidence of no-claims rebate (NCD)

At MoneySuperMarket, we advice motorists not to ever renew instantly annually with the exact same company but to test whether or not it’s worth changing provider. Normally, this is the outcome, as insurers tend to reserve their utmost charges for new clients instead of present people.

As and when you are doing result in the switch your insurer to inquire about for proof of no claims rebate. The issue is, you’ll likely have to get that evidence from your own final insurer, and every company handles this method in a different way.

One company might include your evidence of no claims inside restoration or termination page, another might deliver a particular proof of no claims rebate letter, while a 3rd business might only deliver evidence in the event that you request it.

We rang around several insurers to get find out how you’re meant to acquire your proof NCD and whether any one of all of them deliver the proof out immediately. Here’s what they had to say…


What direction to go when you have your proof of NCD

Once you’ve got your evidence of no-claims rebate in hand – whether that is a page, in an email or a PDF – you can find stringent guidelines about setting it up towards brand-new insurer which, if broken, can leave you out-of-pocket or worse, uninsured.

To ensure you’re maybe not caught on, right here’s a review of some of the what to watch out for once you change car insurance providers but to give you proof no-claims discount.

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