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Based on review information, the 3 organizations aided by the most affordable automobile insurance prices were USAA, Garrison Property and Casualty insurance provider, and Traveler's Residence & aquatic Company. Since the first couple of tend to be specialty automobile insurers (USAA and Garrison tend to be associated businesses that provide monetary services for members of the military causes), we will add two even more into the listing: GEICO Casualty and mid-century Insurance (a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance). Yearly auto insurance rates for GEICO, Travelers, and Mid Century averaged off to $1, 729, which was about 37percent cheaper than the common in condition.

Priciest Auto Insurers

On various other end for the range, the three most high-priced insurers in review had been: advanced Direct Insurance Company, Nationwide Mutual insurance provider, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Corp. The common of these three companies is $5, 294, that is practically two times the overall condition normal (93per cent greater). This can help to show that underwriting criteria and methodologies may differ extensively for the same profile across numerous insurers, and therefore customers should compare prices at various insurers to understand just what a reasonable market price for plan would price.

Normal Cost of Car Insurance in Virginia: by City

Areas sampled in the research represent a blend of the state capital, huge places, and smaller outlying areas. As a whole, across places, there was clearly not much difference within the cost of insurance coverage throughout the 25 underwriters and three motorist profiles in research. Roanoke, with a population of 97, 000 had been the cheapest location to insure a car or truck at $2, 364 per year. Alexandria, the most costly city when you look at the sample, ended up being 23per cent more expensive.

Alexandria, VA

Once the hometowns of Presidents George Washington and Gerald Ford, Alexandria, VA is a city steeped ever in addition to probably one of the most high priced towns and cities in Virginia for motor insurance. The yearly cost of guaranteeing one's car in Alexandria was $2, 917, the highest priced in our test dimensions. Motor insurance rates for 45 year old wedded adults, however, had been an outlier: they really saved money by living in Alexandria, instead of Norfolk or Roanoke, two towns with higher charges for this demographic.

The highest priced insurer in Alexandria inside study was Progressive Direct Insurance Company at $5, 742, whilst most affordable car insurance organization was United Services vehicle Association (USAA) with prices of $1, 178. But one must be a part or a primary relative of a part of armed forces services being qualify for their insurance coverage. For those of you without having any army association, GEICO rated as an in depth second most affordable automobile insurer of this type with yearly premiums of $1, 634.

Richmond, VA

The 210, 000 residents paid about $2, 765 a-year to guarantee their cars in Richmond, the administrative centre regarding the Old Dominion and previous capital of the Confederacy. Motor insurance prices within town were middle-of-the-road the three driver pages set alongside the other urban centers when you look at the study. As well as USAA, Travelers Home and aquatic Insurance Company had the greatest auto insurance rates each year of $1, 465. On the other end for the range had been Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, with annual premiums of $5, 469.

To provide readers a sample for the automobile insurance rates across our profiles, solitary 20 year old males and females could spend $3, 920 and $2, 947, correspondingly, in Richmond. Middle-aged wedded grownups could see annual premiums of $1, 429 - nearly half the rates of more youthful grownups.

Virginia Beach, VA

Despite becoming probably the most populous city in Virginia with 447, 000 residents, Virginia seashore had the next most useful and most affordable automobile insurance prices in the study. $2, 624 was the yearly blended cost of insuring and keeping a person's automobile in Virginia Beach - about 4% cheaper than their state average, $292 cheaper than Alexandria, and 1 inexpensive than Richmond.

The most readily useful prices for auto insurance in Virginia Beach were bought at Mid Century insurance carrier (outside of specialty insurers such as for example USAA and Garrison). Insuring one's vehicle with mid-century, a Farmers Insurance subsidiary, price , 613 normally, in comparison to , 135 at Liberty Mutual, or , 327 at Nationwide Mutual. That is a difference of , 500+, which will have significantly more than purchased two more many years of insurance coverage at mid-century with some bit of research and comparison shopping.

Norfolk, VA

With a blended car insurance prices of , 872, Norfolk ranks as 3rd most high-priced in the study. This town of 238, 000 residents hosts the biggest naval base on the planet and American headquarters associated with North Atlantic Treaty company (NATO). The city is very easily obtainable by interstate highways 64 and 264, which url to the north, southern, and western areas of the States. Vehicles have plenty of places to have parked: you can find 20, 000 public parking rooms spread throughout the city's fifteen garages and nine lots, as well as and over 700 on-street areas.

Roanoke, VA

Roanoke gets the most affordable auto insurance rates on a mixed basis within condition study of , 364. Nestled inside Roanoke Valley between the Blue Ridge and also the Virginia Alleghany Highlands, this town of 97, 000 features several websites and sights within driving length. Fanning right out of the main arteries associated with the Blue Ridge Parkway additionally the Mill hill Parkway Spur are destinations like the Peak of Otters, the Discovery Center, plus the Roanoke Star, the biggest illuminated standing star in the field, to name a few. More miles away are destinations which make for great time and road trips via automobile.

Charlotte County, VA

Charlotte County has actually many historic plantations and sixteen spots on nationwide Register of Historic locations that span both Revolutionary War while the Civil War. There are 2 self-guided driving tours of note for Civil War history buffs: the Lee Retreat and Wilson-Kautz Raid routes. Without leaving your car, you can drive across 40 Civil War internet sites that circle through urban centers such as for instance Chase City, Kenbridge, Hopewell, Petersburge, Blackstone, Burkeville, and Keysville in Virginia.

Mixed rates of $2, 879 in Charlotte County succeed the 2nd most high-priced area within the research. The county's prices tend to be meant as a ballpark estimate of exactly what automobile insurance premiums can cost in rural areas of the Old Dominion.

Car Insurance Expenses by Driver Type

Single Female, 20 Single Male, 20 Wedded Person, 40 Normal
Alexandria, VA $3, 106 $4, 152 $1, 492 $2, 917
Richmond, VA 2, 947 3, 920 1, 429 2, 765
Virginia Beach, VA 2, 801 3, 714 1, 358 2, 624
Norfolk, VA 3, 060 4, 064 1, 493 2, 872
Roanoke, VA 2, 514 3, 353 1, 226 2, 364
Charlotte County, VA 3, 029 4, 077 1, 531 2, 879
Normal $2, 909 $3, 880 $1, 421 $2, 737

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