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Pay As You Go Auto insurance

Nationwide General Insurance is one of the first and largest car insurance organizations in america to institute a Pay-As-You-Go insurance coverage system, "The Low-Mileage Discount."

The Low-Mileage Discount is a forward thinking Pay-As-You-Go insurance coverage system wanted to OnStar clients in 35 says, where those who drive less, pay less on the automobile insurance. (For basic info on Pay-As-You-Go insurance, click here.)

The Low-Mileage Discount is the very first Pay-As-You-Go insurance coverage to leverage OnStar technology, making the Low-Mileage Discount less unpleasant than many other Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs. Where some insurers track motorists’ speeding practices, stopping patterns, as well as period driving, the Low-Mileage Discount Pay-As-You-Go insurance program facets just mileage. No additional data is collected by the insurer for just about any purpose.

Qualified, active OnStar members that drive lower than 15, 000 kilometers annually can obtain an insurance discount as much as 54 percent in line with the range kilometers driven.* And brand new nationwide General Insurance Pay-As-You-Go insurance customers may receive an extra insurance coverage rebate simply for joining (present OnStar customers obtain an insurance discount centered on historic mileage).

Utilizing the subscriber’s authorization, the odometer reading from his / her month-to-month OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics mail is sent to National General Insurance. Based on those readings, the business is applicable the insurance discount utilising the Low-Mileage Discount tiers corresponding to miles driven.

Discount Table

Customers who drive over 15, 000 kilometers annually are not punished by National General Insurance’s Pay-As-You-Go insurance – all OnStar consumers still get an insurance discount* simply for having a working OnStar registration, regardless if they're not eligible for the Low-Mileage Discount.

With the money drivers save by enrolling in the Low-Mileage Discount, the OnStar registration will not only assist reduced transportation costs, and has got the benefits of stability and security with automated automobile diagnostics and roadside help.

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