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Banner_ConcoursParadesThe Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance sees incredibly uncommon classic and historic automobiles competing in a world-renowned Concours. The chance to see these stunning cars, alongside the awards presentations happening, get this to day an unforgettable knowledge.


Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance Judging Time

Thursday 1st September

Time: 11:00 – 18:00

Complete Hospitality Package £295.00 inc VAT

Imagebar_Supercars· 11:00 Salon Privé Opens/Concours Judging Commences
· 11:45 Champagne Reception
· 12:00 Lobster Luncheon Served
· 14:00 Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance Parade
· 16:00 English Afternoon Tea Served
· 17:00 Chubb Insurance Class Winners (Cars and Motorbikes) Announced
· 18:00 Salon Privé Closes

Imagebar_SupercarParadesThe Chubb Insurance Concours Collection

The Chubb Insurance Concours range features a myriad of incredibly uncommon and historical automobiles, from priceless one-offs with unique bodies to unusual minimal versions, some also making their particular worldwide debut. With all the uncommon possibility to witness these stunning cars firsthand, the Chubb Insurance Concours Collection is a really unforgettable experience for engine enthusiast.

The Salon Privé Supercar Show

With an incredible number of high performance and iconic supercars, the Salon Privé Supercar Show is an event of modern-day deluxe motoring in every its glory. Immerse yourself amongst advanced manufacturing and stunning design and get up close and personal using world’s many interesting and desirable supercars.

Imagebar_AuctionSuper & Classic Car Parades

It really is the one thing to see a lot of uncommon and exquisite devices freely shown in the Palace lawns but it is totally another matter hearing all of them turn up and parade through occasion and reasons of Blenheim Palace. With parades of supercars, megacars, principles and the rarest of classics, it is an original opportunity to see Salon Privé come to life in dazzling design.

Salon Privé Sale Preview

Imagebar_LuxuryBrandsThe Salon Privé Sale Preview hosts an accumulation stunning and soon-to-be auctioned automobiles, giving you an opportunity to browse and prepare your estimates.

Deluxe Retail Village

Supercars and high-end luxury services and products go together and so, whilst renowned for being a world-class automotive event, Salon Privé in addition presents itself as a very important chance for deluxe companies to showcase their extremely most recent services. Traditional luxury companies with heritage and long-standing reputation are simply as probably be seen alongside companies a new comer to market and not just Uk brands, but worldwide people also.

EFG Art Fair

Witness the beauty of your best-loved automotive icons perfectly captured within spectacular art pieces. Our highlighted musicians showcase a variety of their automotive motivated work including thought-provoking pictures, original classic posters, hand-crafted art work images, restored old photographic dishes and paintings in varying designs from abstract to realism.

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