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This graph reveals which companies in Nebraska have the most affordable auto insurance prices, and compares them to your state average.Where a driver everyday lives and areas their vehicle in Nebraska plays a significant part in how auto insurance organizations quote all of them. We examined quotes much more than 40 locations when you look at the Cornhusker State to determine which cities and businesses have the cheapest automobile insurance. Predicated on our two sample motorists, we discovered that the most costly company price 2.5x the cheapest expense carrier in Nebraska, and most high-priced city are priced at 22% above the most affordable spot.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Nebraska

For consumers looking companies with all the most affordable motor insurance in Nebraska, we crunched the numbers across 18 companies and 41 cities into the condition to find the solution. The numbers below represent the average annual premium of two sample single drivers: a new 30-year old-man, and an adult 65-year old man. Predicated on this data, we discovered that Farm Bureau Mutual (has account dues), State Farm, and GEICO had three associated with cheapest rates total. The 3 insurers had a combined average of $701 for the test motorists' car insurance protection, that was 30per cent less expensive than the statewide rate for them.

All of these providers are national insurers except for Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, which just underwrites insurance coverage in Nebraska and Southern Dakota. Membership dues on Farm Bureau Mutual can run from $40 - $55 with regards to the county you live in - for drivers in Omaha / Douglas County, that's $43 a year. You certainly do not need becoming a farmer or utilized in the farming industry for included in either Farmers Mutual or Farm Bureau Mutual. For those of you motorists just who'd rather decide on more basic organizations, Allstate rounds out of the top five cheapest automobile insurers in Nebraska. Collectively, the six businesses averaged yearly rates of $772, which is a 23% reduction from the state average.

Most high-priced Auto Insurance Organizations in Nebraska

Conversely, the highest priced businesses in Nebraska had been EMC, Shelter, and American nationwide. These three insurers had an average annual premium of , 349 for the two test motorists, that was a rise of 35percent from the state average. EMC was the most costly supplier, costing 0 over Nebraska’s total average for the standard.

This graph compares the average prices for the sample motorists in 41 metropolitan areas in Nebraska up against the overall condition average the benchmark.List of Car Insurance Companies

Below we have rated the 18 insurers that have been utilized in our study through the most affordable costs and upward. However, its not all motorist qualifies for every supplier. Including, Ca Casualty only provides insurance to motorists who are utilized as firefighters, teachers, nurses, and comfort officials.

Company Average Yearly Rates Change vs. State Typical
Farm Bureau Mutual -40%
State Farm 740 -26per cent
GEICO 760 -24%
Nationwide 795 -21%
Farmers Mutual of Nebraska 812 -19percent
Allstate 923 -8percent
American Family 945 -6%
Ca Casualty 960 -4percent
Farmers 992 -1percent
MetLife 1, 015 1%
Auto Club Group 1, 028 3percent
North Celebrity 1, 048 5percent
Liberty Mutual 1, 062 6percent
Allied 1, 118 12%
General Casualty 1, 162 16per cent
American Nationwide 1, 166
Housing 1, 347 35%
EMC 1, 533 53percent

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