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Cheap car insurance Atlanta GA

Cities because of the least expensive auto insurance rates in Georgia.All things equal, car insurance prices can considerably vary just by in which a driver resides. We conducted a research for just one sample motorist residing across several hundred towns in Georgia to quantify the difference. Our analysis revealed that whilst the normal annual price was around $1, 338 for the motorist's hypothetical situations, prices could vary by as much as 43percent between your most high-priced place (East aim, GA) as well as the most affordable (Valdosta, GA). For the motorist, this is certainly a difference of $493 a year.

Least Expensive Places

All five most affordable metropolitan areas we present our research of motor insurance are found into the southern region of this state. Our profiled driver’s rates within these locations differed by about 8-15per cent underneath the state’s benchmark ($1, 338 per year), based on where he lived. Below is a graph for the five locations and how much their particular typical yearly rates were below their state average.

Valdosta, GA

Valdosta rated using the least expensive prices in the state based on the quotes our sample driver got right here. Living here meant prices that were 15percent less than residing the standard city within the state, which translated to an annual $198 less in costs. The town can be referred to as Azalea City and holds a floral festival every March.

Tifton, GA

Home to over 16, 000 residents distribute across a 9 square mile land area, Tifton could be the second most inexpensive city based on our study. Expenses here could be 14per cent less than the Georgia average, or an improvement of $192 per year, for the driver surviving in Tifton.

Thomasville, GA

Thomasville holds a Rose Festival each year and gardeners originate from all over the world presenting their specimens for competitors. Our profiled motorist living right here got estimates which were 10percent significantly less than the state average, definition he'd spend $139 under the Georgia mean.

Moultrie, GA

a farming neighborhood in Georgia, Moultrie takes the fourth just right our list. This town is home to over 14, 000 residents. Expenses in Moultrie were 10percent below hawaii average for the example motorist, and thus with regards to dollars, he'd spend $130 lower than had he lived-in the typical Georgian city.

Folkston, GA

Ever before 12 months in Folkston, residents be involved in the Okefenokee Festival in which members can enjoy art and meals. Our motorist in Folkston found prices become $103 not as much as hawaii average, or 8% below the Georgia mean.

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