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Florida PIP laws

Insurance FileJanuary 28, 2015

There were many current changes in Florida’s Personal injury protection (PIP) statute thanks to the lobbying attempts of Florida PIP Insurers. These modifications have actually seriously limited hurt people’s liberties to health care covered under PIP. As those who saw the “new PIP law” (House Bill 119) becoming passed away recall, interested events marketing these pro-insurer modifications advertised that it was to fight Florida’s “rampant PIP fraudulence” and to reduce the expenses of motor insurance for Florida motorists. So let’s quickly toward present and determine if Florida drivers got the big break they required by weeding aside Florida PIP fraudulence and decreasing their insurance costs, or if the only fraud committed had been really done by Florida’s insurance-backed officials.

Florida legislation mandates that insurers composing vehicle policies in condition of Florida must make provision for PIP protection for their insureds. Prior to the passage through of HB 119, an injured Florida driver was entitled to $10, 000.00 in coverage as a matter of right. These were also absolve to see nearly every healthcare provider of their option. Additionally, they were not restricted to a timeframe in which they had to seek hospital treatment.

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