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Can you have two car insurance policies?

in the event your spouse likes to borrow your car, your insurer needs to know.If your spouse wants to borrow your car or truck, your insurer has to know.

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Your partner do not have to combine insurance coverages, but it is often advisable. If the driving records tend to be both great, insuring both cars with the exact same insurer frequently leads to a rate discount. Purchasing one policy the two of you, versus having individual policies, also may get less rate. But sometimes, separate policies work out better.

Bad Drivers

If you should be a fantastic motorist but your spouse's record is plagued by accidents and parking passes, keeping your guidelines individual is practical. If you are on a single plan as a negative motorist, the price will go as much as protect the company against having to pay for another crash. Despite having individual guidelines, your insurer might decide that because your partner will probably borrow your vehicle sooner or later, your rates should go up.

Unique Requirements

Even if you're both great motorists, you may still find situations which one of might have a lot higher premium. If you drive a minivan along with your partner tools around in a sports vehicle, your rates goes up to reflect her better threat, in the event that you purchase insurance coverage as several. If you enjoy discounts because you work from home and don't drive a lot, becoming on a single policy as a spouse which commutes 50 kilometers to operate could cost you your low-rate.

Additional Drivers

No matter if your partner features his own automobile, list him in your insurance coverage as another motorist. Motor insurance employs the automobile, not the individual: If he borrows the car and there's any sort of accident, it really is your insurance that covers repair works. When you yourself haven't identified him as an occasional motorist, your insurer might withstand having to pay. This isn't an issue if he truly never ever pushes your car or truck, however're safer having his name down on the policy.


When you have individual policies and also you desire to reduce your better half's influence on your rates, you can easily identify this lady as an excluded motorist. Which is dedication to your insurer that the partner isn't planning drive your car or truck. If she does, your plan will not cover any damages. Provided that your spouse features her very own car and doesn't use yours, excluding the lady can save you money. Some says, including ny and Virginia, never let this option.

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