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Average cost of car insurance in Florida

This graph ranks the eight companies in St. Petersburg because of the cheapest automobile insurance estimates typically for the test motorist.Find The Cheapest automobile insurance locally

State Farm

With a typical estimate of $1, 341 for the test driver's car insurance policy, State Farm ranked since the cheapest automobile insurance company in St. Petersburg, FL. Quotes in St. Pete were 37per cent or $789 lower than most other offers available from other insurers. The neighborhoods where State Farm emerged on the top because of the best rates for insuring a vehicle included Treasure Island, Greater Pinellas aim, and Madeira seashore, to name a few communities in St. Pete.


The organization with the second cheapest prices for car insurance in St. Petersburg was Electric Insurance. Electric’s average quotes for our driver were $1, 371 for basic automobile insurance coverage, enabling him to save 36per cent versus their next-door neighbors residing elsewhere within the town. The cheapest yearly advanced from Electrical ended up being $1, 296, that has been for the test driving living and commuting into the eastern areas of St. Pete.

twenty-first Century

On the basis of the results of our quote comparison, the 3rd most affordable most affordable rates in St. Petersburg originated from 21st Century, at $1, 452 a year, which overcome the town’s typical by 32per cent. The cheapest premiums for the test driver from twenty-first Century had been based in the Treasure Island and Tierra Verde regions.

Most Expensive Motor Insurance Organizations in St. Petersburg, FL

The highest priced car insurance businesses for the sample driver had been United Automobile, Kingsway America, and Direct General, in that purchase. On the list of 15 auto insurance companies we conducted our research with, 4 of these supplied normal cost above St. Petersburg’s indicate. The three priciest companies’ premiums for the test driver averaged 84per cent higher than most other quotes obtained.

Whatever the community examined, the best regional estimates every originated in United vehicle. At about $5, 363 per year for a simple obligation plan, United vehicle usually cost 152percent over any kind of business's quotes in St. Petersburg. The yearly price difference from spot to put varied within $72. Kingsway America had been our second most high-priced insurer, with yearly prices that have been typically 59per cent more than other companies that quoted our driver. Yearly premiums were around $3, 394 across the city. When compared with United vehicle, Kingsway The united states had even more variation in rates across the various St. Pete communities. Kingsway The united states (also referred to as KAI benefit) is a specialty insurer providing you with coverage for numerous drivers, including non-standard ones, through representatives. Rounding-out our top three costliest insurers in St. Petersburg had been Direct General. Typically, Direct General quoted prices that have been $878 or 41per cent greater for the motorist compared to the city’s indicate. Yearly rates may also differ by $312 depending on the community our motorist lived in.

Cheapest Motor Insurance in St. Petersburg, FL: by Neighborhood

Our test driver found the least expensive rates for car insurance living in the external limitations of St. Petersburg. Our quote contrast evaluation found that the top five least expensive places for automobile insurance included both area places and St. Pete’s mainland neighborhoods. Tierra Verde ended up being our most affordable and Gandy in the north had been our 2nd cheapest - we have covered all of them in addition to top five cheapest many of the very expensive places following the dining table.

The table below shows the 3 most affordable auto insurance businesses in various St. Pete neighborhoods based on our example motorist, along with the annual price quoted given their driving history along with other profile qualities. Areas are placed in alphabetical order.

St. Pete Local Cheapest Insurer # 1 Cheapest Insurer number 2 Cheapest Insurer number 3
Big Bayou State Farm $1, 356 twenty-first Century $1, 404 Electrical $1, 428
Disston Heights 1, 356 1, 416 1, 524
Downtown 1, 296 Allstate 1, 440
Greater Pinellas Point 1, 476 1, 548
Gulfport 1, 368 1, 404
Harbor Bayou
Kenneth City
Lealman 1, 392 1, 452
Madeira Seashore 1, 284
Marina District 1, 428
North Kenwood
Placido Bayou
Snell Isle/Euclid-St.Paul's
Tierra Verde/Bayway Isles 1, 224 1, 236 1, 308
Treasure Island

Tierra Verde

The least expensive auto insurance rates in St. Petersburg were based in the Tierra Verde neighbor hood. Right here, prices for guaranteeing an automobile averaged $2, 067 per year for the test motorist, making him 3per cent better off compared to residing in other places in city. Rates could possibly be even lower for a driver in Tierra Verde, nevertheless by evaluating automobile insurance quotes. Our sample motorist's cheapest estimate in Tierra Verde was just $1, 224 per year from twenty-first Century, which placed it 43per cent less than the city’s suggest. Tierra Verde could be the the very least densely populated community among our record, and is made from 15 islands beyond the southern tip of St. Pete’s mainland.


On average, car insurance estimates based in the Gandy community had been 2% less expensive than many places in town for the test motorist. Yearly rates of $2, 080 in Gandy translated into reduced car insurance premiums by $50 annually compared to in other places in St. Petersburg. Going with the least expensive company's quotes in Gandy (Electric car insurance) could save your self our motorist a further $830 each year compared to the typical insurer in St. Pete. On the northern end of St. Petersburg, Gandy is our 2nd the very least densely inhabited neighborhood.

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