Specialty golf cart insurance

Golf Cart insurance

In the event that you possess a tennis cart, it is smart to get golf cart insurance, and it can be required by your property owner Association (HOA) or condition.

If you really need it depends upon in which you drive, and exactly how you utilize your golf cart-like a riding mower, vehicle or ATV. This guide describes how the means you use your cart determines the sort of tennis cart insurance plan you may need, and you will learn to get covered on the cheap.

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Golf cart usage: insurance coverage implications

Larry Payton of Farmers Insurance in Incline Village, Nevada, says both most typical tennis cart insurance questions are:

  • "Do i would like golf cart insurance coverage?"
  • "Simply How Much does golf cart insurance coverage expense?”

Insurance demands and value differ by just how your golf cart is employed. Peyton reports that many men and women question, “Does my golf cart need its own policy?” While your home owners insurance coverage might be fine for fundamental usage, a special golf cart insurance coverage may be recommended for any such thing beyond that. Identify your consumption profile in table below and review its unique insurance demands.

Golf cart use resembles

Golf cart use type


Best tennis cart insurance

Basic—similar to making use of a cycling mower

Driving just on a course or by yourself property.

Residents insurance with a golf cart endorsement

Speed-modified—up to 25 miles each hour on community roads

Some road driving; can sometimes include protection features including chair belts.

Auto insurance for tennis carts or Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs)

All-terrain car (ATV)—use on neighbor hood and town roads

Regular usage on roads in addition to greens.

Automobile insurance for golf carts and umbrella insurance coverage

In several golf communities, the HOA calls for golf cart proprietors buy specific insurance for tennis carts and name the HOA as an additional insured. Peyton states that their company offers a golf cart insurance plan for $50 per year and adds an HOA as an extra insured at no additional price.

Simple tips to spend less on tennis cart insurance

Call Insurance.com at (855) 430-7750 and let one of our certified representatives make suggestions through procedure of bundling and discounts. Possible discounts feature:

Golf cart insurance rebate

Bundling tennis cart insurance

Just like automobile insurance, one of the best how to get a significant discount is to buy your golf cart or LSV policy from an insurer with which you already do business. This could be described as a "bundling" or "multi-policy” discount. When your LSV needs an automobile plan, ensure you require a multi vehicle discount.

Home Owners

Discounts may be available if you possess your house.


Some insurers provide discounts to people in some professions.


Specific insurers, such as for instance as esurance, make discounts available all the way to 15 percent once you switch-over from another insurance company.


Savings can also be offered in the event that you get a bike license or endorsement.

Paid up-front

Additional discounts can be accessed if you spend your tennis cart insurance advanced up front for the whole 12 months.

Protection certification

Using safety courses, joining qualifying organizations or being an accountable motorist may help you save money - its smart to inquire about.

As constantly, it's likely you'll spend less if you should be willing to accept an increased deductible (the part of a claim you spend before your insurance coverage pays the rest).

Golf cart insurance rates

Exactly how much does it cost to insure my golf cart? Its practically impossible to compare golf cart insurance fees by condition, since there is no standard insurance policy requirement.

It's the way the cart is used that determines your insurance charges and coverage requirements. The figures below are considered "typical, " but can differ by the level of protection you would like, your location, claims filed as well as other elements. Its smart evaluate a number of golf cart insurance quotes from competing organizations to get the most useful bargain. Ensure each offer gives the exact same number of protection.

  • Adding a golf cart recommendation towards property owners insurance coverage is the most affordable coverage - as little as $50 a-year.
  • a stand-alone golf cart policy works about $12 monthly if you drive it to and from the golf course or in a tennis course/retirement community.
  • A speed-modified golf cart needs a particular golf cart or auto plan, that could operate between $400 and $1, 000 annually, according to your driving record alongside facets.

Basic golf cart usage—insurance factors

Fundamental golf cart consumption resembles operating a biking mower; it is most likely covered using your homeowner's policy. A riding mower doesn't always have to-be registered, its not necessary a license to drive it, therefore only use it in the grass. If this also defines your golf cart, you can easily most likely only add it to your home owner's insurance to safeguard yourself in case of any sort of accident.

Understand, but that this coverage is very limited. Many home owner's insurance coverages never cover tennis cart accidents unless they happen on a golf training course or yourself property.

Examine your understanding of golf cart insurance plan if you take our brief test:

In the event that you accidentally run-over your boss during the business tennis time, you are most likely covered (though perhaps not employed). If your teenager takes the cart on next-door neighbor's to demonstrate off their tennis cart stupidity, you are regarding hook if harm or injuries to other people occur. Should your tennis cart multitasks abroad, it may possibly be a lot more like an ATV than a riding mower, along with your insurance coverage needs are different.

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